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About us

A project of two young swiss guys, doing what they like most: create, play and live hard dance music. The sound is mainly Raw, sometimes high tech, melodic or even hardcore. We don’t care about genres. We just do what we think is cool and try to keep it as original as possible!


In 2013 they met each other for the first time. After they realized their common passion for electronic dance music, it was just a matter of time, till they decided to start “something”. With no specific goal or target, they sat down and evaluated how they could outlive their addiction to music above the 150 bpm range. Together they’ve visited multiple festivals and concerts. After some time, they came up with the name “Hardfunction”. The project was born.



Producer, Sound Design, Main Contact

Danny: He knows his DAW (FL Studio) like none other. Because his great passion for the harder styles, he’s spending most of his free time behind the computer, figuring out how to improve the significant Hardfunction sound. Driven by a indescribable amount of motivation is he trying to bring the project to the next level. He absolutely knows what he wants.

Favorite Festivals:
– Supremacy (Den Bosch, NL)
– Defqon 1. (Walibi, NL)

His favorite artists are:
– D-Sturb
– Radical Redemption
– Angerfist



DJ, Marketing, Visuals, H4rdfunct10n L!v3

Toby: The guy who’s more seen in the background, is the second part of project Hardfunction. He’s creating all the visuals, prepares set playlists, builds websites like this one, involved as creative idea input in the production process and last but not least: He’s the main man behind the wheels of steel.

Favorite Festivals:
– Decibel Outdoor (Beekse Bergen, NL)
– Dominator Festival (E3 Strand, NL)

His favorite artists are:
– Evil Activities
– The Pitcher
– Ophidian